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Can Microsoft help partner us with Yugioh creators?


We would like to build a YuGiOh battler for HoloLens, but worry Konami or other company will shut us down. We will fully cooporate with demands and pay royalties to Microsoft and YuGiOh partners, but we don't know who to contact to get permission. Since Microsoft has worked on YuGiOh games before we hope they can help us get permission. Any help is greatly appreciated!


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  • Jarrod1937Jarrod1937 ✭✭✭

    Unless you're a studio with a good track record, that is unlikely to happen. It's not just a matter of royalties, Yugiouh is a brand. If they license their IP to a studio, they're going to be looking to make sure that studio can represent their brand to every inch of their liking, more than likely with a design doc of requirements as well.
    The usual advice to those wanting to do something similar, is to do a game of your own, with your own IP, it will be much more rewarding in the long run.

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