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Need help getting My idea started.

Hello everyone. I am new to the developing world. I work in fashion, I want to use the hololens to virtually add my clothing design ideas on a mannequin torso. I have the torso in my office and i'd like to take some of the clothing concepts i'v designed and view them digitally on the torso. similar to how the lady used the motocycle in the Microsoft HoloLens - Transform your world with holograms video from MS.


  • Have you been able to make any progress with getting your app idea started?

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    I can propose a general direction for this without all the trouble of mesh processing etc. Create a hologram that has two modes: a skeleton mode and a solid mode. In skeleton mode your hologram would contain a wireframe of the mannequin in 1-to-1 scale. In that mode you would be able to pin the wireframe onto its reality counterpart by using either head attachment or any kind of flat surface nearby (floor or walls) not not deal with spatial mesh imperfections. In the solid mode the wireframe will be hidden and the clothes perfectly positioned in relation to it will be shown. You will need to use world anchors for persistence of the pinning of course. Ta-da, you have clothes over your mannequin and zero mesh processing math involved. Hope this helps.

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  • You will need the clothes in a digital format. as very very basic first step.. they should at least be in some image format... but for best experience they need to be a textured mesh. then you can scale them to fit on teh mannequin, rotate then etc

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  • Two potential resources:

    1. A demo using something called Marvelous Designer for fabric simulation on HoloLens:
    2. A hackathon project demonstrating shopping for a dress:

    Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but the hackathon ShoppAR came to mind as something that may help.

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