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HoloLens really needs to support multiple accounts, especially for developers

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My company loaned me the company HoloLens to take home and teach myself to develop for it. While I had it, I installed an update, the device rebooted, and BOOM! No longer could I use the device, because it needed to be logged into by a personal Microsoft account (the account setup by the first person in the company to set it up, aka the company owner). I ended up having to restore the device to be able to log in, losing all the data stored on it at the time. And now the device is tied to my account.

This is a problem. Few small companies are going to buy HoloLenses for all of their developers, so the devices need to have some correct way of supporting multiple users, even if that way involves logging out one person and logging in another. The only good current solution I can think of is creating a fake Microsoft account with an easy-to-pass-along password, to use as a shared account by the company.



  • AlexDAlexD ✭✭✭

    Doesn't have to be a 'fake' account. It's a real account tied to a shared email (that can be easily configured as a Distribution Group) and with a easy-to-pass-along password.

  • That's still bypassing the intent of the Microsoft Account system. My point was that being able to log out of the current account and then log into a different one should be possible. You should never have to re-flash the firmware to be able to log in with a different account, especially in a development device.

  • I think the commercial bundle, now addresses this with user accounts and other features.

  • I do NOT think the Commercial bundle addresses this, at least I can't find this in the documentation. Can you point to why you stated this, otherwise this should remain unanswered as there is no good workaround, especially as you need to access content on the network as yourself...

  • Correct. Commercial does not allow multiple users. For shared usage, the current recommendation is to used a shared MSA.

    If you need to access network content as a specific user, you should be able to sign in as that user in the specific instance.

  • I have submitted this as a feature request.


  • Last news here were on august 2016. Any news on multiple account for Hololens ? Any good news on the horizon ?

  • Hello,

    do you know how the situation looks like now? Is it possible to log into HL with multiple accounts?
    Have the feature request mentioned with previous posts and connected with this functionality been implemented?
    I'll be really appreciated for any news.


  • edited March 2018

    For me ... the much bigger issue ... than simply having separate accounts ... IS CALIBRATION for the user who just put it on ... I mean how can you do Kiosk mode if each person must calibrate ... and how can the Hololens work ... if it's not been calibrated for that person.

    Microsoft ... why do you hide my posts ... of Truth?

    Utekai ... monkey mind ... too simple indeed.

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