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Why Unity UI make so low fps?

After I place a UGUI panel and a scroll view control in my app, everything become slow. Why Unity UI made a low fps?



  • You may want to do a more in depth profiling. I don't think it's the GUI that's doing that. My guess is more than likely some scripting issue. Does it do it when it's in view or only when it's in view and you scroll? Is there any script tied to the scrolling?
    Unity makes things easy, but it has some very terrible performing functions, especially the object find stuff. In cases like these you'll want to have a class variable that you populate on 'start.' If you have performance issues, I'd look at what you're doing in your update functions.

  • +1 show the code please. Probably, this information would be useful: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/unity-ui-on-the-hololens.394629/

    my resume, want to jump in some remote startup related to AR. I am a Unity3D, C# developer.

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