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Reduce the number of materials in a mesh for 3D viewer


I recently created an FBX file with Blender that opens well in unity with all of the desired colors of the model. When I try to open the model on my hololens with 3D viewer beta, the color is lost because I have 4 materials in the file. My mesh is a face with full color. Does anyone have a suggestion of how to reduce the number of materials in my file so that I can view the full colored model on my hololens?

Thank you


Best Answer


  • HTheDreamHTheDream
    edited August 2016

    @Cashb005 said:
    I was able to solve this problem by creating a texture map and embedding the texture map into the FBX with 3DS Max. Exporting mesh with texture map in VRML 2.0 /.wrl extension, loading the .wrl into 3DS and then exporting the mesh as .fbx with embed media. Only way I have been able to accomplish this.

    Edit: I tried using blender for this as well but blender would not load the texture map from the VRML.

    Hey @Cashb005 ,

    Just wanted to follow up on your reply. I've tried creating the texture map using Blender but I've run into some difficulties. My approach has been to follow Youtube tutorials on Texture 'Baking', but unfortunately my baked texture is coming out black. I've tried to troubleshoot to no avail. Do you have any suggestions for creating the texture map in blender?


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