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Is there a way to adjust Gesture sensitivity?


I am working on a Unity project which will allow me to place objects in the room and manipulate them. In this way, it is much like the "Holograms" application in the native Windows HoloShell.

However, the Gesture manager functionality in Unity (as implemented in the Holographic Academy examples) seems to overlook a percentage of the user's attempted Manipulation gestures.

The Tap gesture seems a bit more reliable than the Manipulation gesture, but recognition for both gestures seems to under-perform as compared to the OS itself.

Are there any parameters I can adjust on my Project which might help with this?

Thank you for your thoughts,



  • Hey,

    So you can apply a multiplier to the manipulation. Using your GestureRecognizer ManipulationStartedEvent handler you record the initial position in a variable. Then on each call to ManipulationUpdatedEvent handler you calculate a move vector and apply a multiplier as so:

    Vector3 moveVector = position - manipulationPreviousPosition;

    //record the previous position.
    manipulationPreviousPosition = position;

    var moveMultiplier = 5.0f;
    moveVector.x = moveVector.x * moveMultiplier;
    moveVector.y = moveVector.y * moveMultiplier;
    moveVector.z = moveVector.z * moveMultiplier;

    transform.position += moveVector;

  • Thank you for this suggestion Mtoronto. I can see how this would amplify Unity's gesture recognition's perceived movements, but this will cause new problems as holograms appear to move too quickly or too far.

    The solution I am looking for would be some kind of parameter to the Computer Vision "layer" itself: Adding more threshold for the recognition of what a Tap gesture looks like, so that a user with poor form might be better accommodated.

  • @sally Check out the InputManager prefab. There are some sensitivity settings but I believe they are mainly focused on how quickly air taps occur or hand movement rather than say recognition accuracy of gestures.


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