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SpeechManager: Can I add any keywords as commands?

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I was following along with the 100E tutorial and wanted to incorporate voice commands into my program. Am I able to use any words that I want? I tried replacing the command I wanted and called the appropriate method to carry out the behavior, but it doesn't seem to work. I included the code that I was following as well as my code below.

From the Tutorial 100E:

 void Start ()
     keywords.Add("Reset world", () =>
        //Call the OnReset Method on every descendent object

    keywords.Add("Drop sphere", () =>
        var focusObject = GazeGestureManager.Instance.FocusedObject;
        if(focusObject != null)
            //Call the OnDrop method on just the focused object

My code:

 void Start()
       /*keywords.Add("Reset world", () =>
        // Call the OnReset method on every descendant object.

    keywords.Add("Rotate handle", () =>
        var focusObject = GazeGestureManager.Instance.FocusedObject;
        if (focusObject != null)
            // Call the OnRotate method on just the focused object.

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  • That should be working. Have you tried throwing a breakpoint in to see if it's recognizing your command? Maybe put it on the line that reads

    var focusObject = GazeGestureManager.Instance.FocusedObject;

    edited August 2016

    @Jesse_McCulloch Thanks for you response. I just tried it using the Hololens device and it's not working (it doesn't go to the break point, so it doesn't seem to be recognizing my voice command). I also checked the microphone capability and it is on. Is there something special I need to add for it to pick up certain speech commands?

  • edited August 2016

    Sorry, that advice I gave you was bad advice. That breakpoint would not get hit, because all you are doing is adding an anonymous method to the keyword dictionary.

    You want to put a breakpoint in
    private void KeywordRecognizer_OnPhraseRecognized
    in your KeywordManager script

  • The tutorial that I was following doesn't have a KeywordManager script. Do I need to have that? What does it contain?

  • Sorry, I thought you were using the HoloToolkit. Which tutorial are you following?

  • 100E https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/holographic/holograms_101e

    Should I be using the HoloToolkit? I was trying to find the easiest way to incorporate my own voice commands

  • Ok, so in your speechmanager script, you should have a method called KeywordRecognizer_OnPhraseRecognized. That's where you want your breakpoint

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