HoloTour cannot live stream & Hololens companion app connection

Content of HoloTour cannot be live streamed. the globe hologram can be streamed but not the content. once the globe is tapped, the application window will fade away and disappear within 1-2 seconds. however when i bloom to return to menu screen, everything can be streamed normally. i have tried re-installing the application to resetting the whole hololens. but this problem is still there. is this bug or hardware issue?

i also cannot connect the hololens to companion app. used the correct ip address and same internet network. however i can connect it through windows device portal using the same ip address. i have tried re-installing the companion app but it still have this problem.

please advise on these 2 issues.

Best Answer


  • I too am having the same issue. I think it was only recently after an update that effected the streaming on HoloTour. I will keep trying to find a solution.

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