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Open source C# wrapper for Windows Device Portal REST API

edited August 2016 in Questions And Answers

I'm happy to let you all know that we have just opened a project on GitHub that makes calling the Windows Device Portal REST APIs easy using C#. Currently, about 80% of the APIs are wrapped with the remainder coming soon. The project currently supports HoloLens, Xbox One, Windows 10 Desktop and IoT devices. The project creates assemblies for the Universal Windows Platform and .net 4.5.2 (and later).

These APIs are useful in creating tools that can monitor and control devices remotely. For example, you could build an application automates the installation and launching of an application to a bank of devices in your lab.

You can clone the repository from https://github.com/Microsoft/WindowsDevicePortalWrapper.

Documentation for the APIs can be found at:
Windows Device Portal Core API Reference
HoloLens Device Portal API Reference
Xbox Device Portal API Reference

We hope you find this useful and welcome your contributions.



  • AlexDAlexD ✭✭✭

    This is awesome. Thanks for that.

  • The API descriptions are pretty close to a .apib or swagger format. Would be great to get those in a standard format, because then clients could be auto-generated in a score of languages. Maybe I'll write it up in Paw.

    Thanks for open-sourcing, was hoping to see something like this! Going to automate alerts based on performance stats before it shuts itself down (I keep exceeding the little Hololens' limits).

  • @doublerebel,
    I cannot wait to hear your experiences building your tool(s). Feedback (and project contributions) are always welcome.


  • Fantastic project!

  • Hello
    Does somebody experienced this error when uploading a files from File Explorer and Edge Browser to HoloLens "Failed to upload file. Error:[object Object]"
    Is this tool can help me ?

  • @arcbulmineherve,
    How are you trying to use Edge to upload a file to your HoloLens? Are you using the Device Portal page?


  • Hello,
    Is it possible to use the Device Portal API of an Hololens from this same HoloLens ?

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