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Looking for a VR based tutorial for hololens

Hi, I am interested to build an app, that uses the Hololens Spatial Mapping capability to generate VR. I would also like to attach a texture to the mesh, depicting certain scene of the app. Eg: A jungle scene.


  • This lesson goes through spatial mapping, converting the map to planes, and smoothing those planes.


  • I have done the hologram_230 already, but I am interested in apply a custom texture on different sides of wall of the surface mesh , obtained via Device Portal.

    I am expecting to be find a solution around take a panorama of the room that was scanned and being able to apply the texture or the wall, or similar concept. I want to create a realistic virtual environment, like the HoloTour app.

  • Yeah I don't know much about this subject but here is what I might do to approach this problem assuming you are using the same PlaySpaceManager being used in Academy lesson 230.

    SurfaceMeshesToPlanes.Instance.GetActivePlanes will return the various surface GameObject. You could then do something like the following to each of the returned GameObjects.

    GetComponent().material.SetTexture("_MainTex", theTexture);

    I am not sure if you need to swap out the Renderer for a SkinnedMeshRenderer and I am not really sure how you would go about doing this.

    Anyway sorry I could not be of more help. Good luck.

  • I would imaging if you are looking for a holotour type of experience, you would have more luck projecting your video on the inside of a very large sphere that you are in the middle of, and then headlock the sphere so it moves with you if you move within your physical space, that way you can't ever walk out of the best viewing area.

  • Do you know how I could get inside the sphere and still see the video? I have tried rendering videos *.ogv on 3d objects. For now, I tried to get inside the 3d objects but it doesn't work, I get a blank screen with a cursor. Do you have any idea how i can come up with this?

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