How many polys can the Hololens render?

I was wondering how many polygons the Hololens can render before the frame rate starts to drop. I'm a recently graduated as a game and art designer and decided to focus on creating interactive models for Hololens.


  • @Saul_Aguilar performance and framerate on the HoloLens ends up being a little more involved than just the number of polygons the HoloLens can render.

    There are a few posts on the topic like this one.

    Bottom line it is about minimalism and balance.

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  • Thanks for guiding me to the posts you provided, I'll be checking out the HoloLens optimized shaders soon. Thank you!

  • Hi Saul Aguilar,
    Can I find you on linked in?
    I would like to ask you something.
  • You can also get a lot more polys if you use Holographic Remoting


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