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After splash screen,there is a long time waiting before my screen shows.

After splash screen,I have to wait about 9 seconds to show my screen's content.Among the waiting time ,there is nothing but real room.But in Unity Game View,it shows my first scene's content in 0.3s.My First Scene only have serveral Picture.My Project is modified by the galaxy explorer -Microsoft' Open Source Project.
Does anyone know what cause this?
And anyone knows how to disable splash screen?
I'll be apprecitate it if anyone give me a clue ,thx.


  • sptspt ✭✭

    I have noticed the spatial mapper sometimes seems to cause this. I think maybe the latest code is better. Maybe try just removing that and see if its faster.

    You can only disable the splash screen if you buy Unity Plus or Unity Pro.
    This also allows you to customize the splash screen. If you disable it you will just get a blank screen though because unity uses that time to load.

  • @spt ,thx.
    The splash screen is in the package.appxmanifest,not in the unity setting.Is there any way to disable the splash screen in package.appxmanifest?
    I think maybe I should add a loading scene, like Young Conker-game about squirrel.It seems that it is faster to show loading scene.

  • @spt
    I think maybe I found some of the reason.
    Galaxy Explorer's settings have 59 preloaded assets,when I remove all,
    the time reduce to 4 secs and when I swithch secene,it still run smooth.
    But I am curious about what's the meaning of preloaded assets,It preloaded assets from the start of game,so we have to wait for a long time?

  • sptspt ✭✭

    Even if you find a way to get rid of your Unity load screen, it is against the license agreement to do so. So you must upgrade to the Plus version in order to remove it.

    Unity takes something like 5 seconds to load no matter what. This is why even if you get Plus, removing the load screen isn't a great idea since the user won't know your app even started yet.

    You can get much faster loads if you don't use Unity and instead just use DirectX and c++. You don't get all the built in support from Unity, but also you dont get all the built in headaches of Unity. The issue that made me decide to stick with Unity is that the DirectX stuff is version 11, but it should be version 12, and the possibility that everything would need to be rewritten when they come out with 12 is daunting.

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