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Locatable camera in Unity. When will Hologram photo capture will be enabled?

edited August 2016 in Questions And Answers

The documentation states the following:
-Holograms cannot be captured in images and videos regardless of settings
-Hologram capture will be enabled by a future update

I am just wondering, when the community will have access to this feature? What is the best way to go about photo capturing mixed reality within Unity application?

Best Answer


  • You can get an image which includes what the hololens camera sees as well as any holograms in view. Use PhotoCapture class and when calling StartPhotoModeAsync then ensure you pass CameraParameters which have hologramOpacity set to 0 (I think 0 so it is not opaque).

  • After making sure hologramOpacity was set it 0 in CameraParameters. I still didn't get a successful mixed reality capture. After checking the code I released "PhotoCapture.CreateAsync" bool showHolograms was set to false. After turning showHolograms bool to true, mixed capture still didn't work. Any other suggestions to try?

  • Thank you Patrick for the code! I'll check it out and let you know the results.

  • @Zeleth said:
    Thank you Patrick for the code! I'll check it out and let you know the results.


  • utekaiutekai ✭✭✭

    I used the sample code for taking pictures, here https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/holographic/locatable_camera_in_unity

    Then modified opacity to 1 from 0.

    CameraParameters c = new CameraParameters();
    c.hologramOpacity = 1.0f;

  • For C++ there is a Holographic Mixed Reality Capture Example on GitHub

  • @Patrick
    I want to record mixedreality video in unity. I already tried using VideoCapture ( https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/holographic/locatable_camera_in_unity) .
    but hologram is not appeared even if cameraParameters.hologramOpacity = 1.0f.
    how can I use above code for capturing video instead of picture?

  • As of a couple of months ago, the Hololens is able to capture mixed-reality photos using the locatable-camera standard code (i.e. PhotoCapture.CreateAsync).

    You no longer need to use the technique posted by Patrick above (though it must have helped a lot back then).

    Just ensure that you set the showHolograms parameter to 'True' when calling CreateAsync, and that you set the hologramsOpacity under cameraParameters to 1.0f as utekai's answer suggested above.

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