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hololens gesture how to rotate object?


  • @weister,
    Using just a hold gesture doesn't really allow the user enough control over the rotation (ex: which direction, how fast). I recommend using the Navigation gesture to rotate your object.

    There is an example of using the Navigation gesture in the Holograms 211 course. This is where I start whenever I need to make a hologram rotate.


  • @DavidKlineMS I followed Holograms 211 course. imported a FBX file and tried to rotate by wiring up all the necessary .cs files same like that of AstroMan. But the 3D model is not rotating.

  • I also have had this problem trying to implement tutorial code into my own models. Is there some back end code that is put in the Astro man that is making this happen behind the scenes?

  • utekaiutekai ✭✭✭

    You might also consider enabling voice commands once the object is selected. For instance using commands like 'Rotate Clockwise', 'Rotate Left', 'Reverse Rotation', 'Rotate Faster', 'Rotate Slower', 'Stop Rotation' and so on. This can be easily done with the KeywordRecognizer.

  • This may be more than you're looking for, but Subere23's Scale & Rot tutorial may be helpful:

  • @DocStrange But this tutorial is not complete

  • @subere23 is around these boards and on reddit. He may be able to let you know when the final vids will be posted.

  • @ctsholo I posted this awhile ago, may be dated by now but could have a couple helpful nuggets in there: http://blog.ickydime.com/2016/05/hololens-manipulate-gestures-and.html


  • @mark_grossnickle Can I ask you if it is possible to show us how you implemented your code in an actual example? a github proj maybe?

  • Sorry, that was back in May. Our code base has changed quite a bit and I just don't have the free time.

    But do you have specific questions?


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