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best way to implement the 3 function of scale,rotate,manipulate on UI

i wanna combine that function in a box like skype but when i choose a option start and go crazy here example:

//when i airtab and hold check
if (Test.CanScale == false && Test.CanRotate == true && Test.CanManipulate == false && FocusedObject.name == "TestingCube")

            Test.RotateObjectOverManipulation(initPos + handPosition, true);


on the Test.RotateObjectOverManipulation(initPos + handPosition, true) is

public void RotateObjectOverManipulation(Vector3 mTrasform,bool CanRotates)

    // si esta
    if (CanRotates == false)

    float rotationFactor_X = mTrasform.y * RotationSensitivity;
    float rotationFactor_Y =  mTrasform.x * RotationSensitivity;
    float rotationFactor_Z = mTrasform.z * RotationSensitivity;

    // Calculate rotationFactor based on HandMove.cs NavigationPosition.X and multiply by RotationSensitivity.
    // This will help control the amount of rotation.      
    //  transform.Rotate along the z axis
    transform.Rotate(new Vector3(0, -1 * rotationFactor_X, 0));    


the thiing is , when i activate this function my game object start rotate when my hand is still, i just wanna have a smooth movement


  • I think I'd need to see how initPos and handPosition are managed. Just based on what I've seen I'd guess that
    initPos + handPosition
    should really be
    handPosition - initPos

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