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Extracting camera position, direction and up from HolographicStereoTransform


I'm trying to extract cameras information of each eye from HolographicStereoTransform

The following code works inside the emulator, but doesn't with the real hololens.
Do you have an idea of what's wrong ?

HolographicStereoTransform cameraProjectionTransform = cameraPose.ProjectionTransform;

HolographicStereoTransform? viewTransformContainer = cameraPose.TryGetViewTransform(coordinateSystem);

if (viewTransformContainer.HasValue)
    HolographicStereoTransform viewTransform = viewTransformContainer.Value;

    Matrix4x4 ReversedMatrix;
    if(Matrix4x4.Invert(viewTransform, out ReversedMatrix))
        Camera.Position.X   =   ReversedMatrix.M41;
        Camera.Position.Y   =   ReversedMatrix.M42;
        Camera.Position.Z   =   ReversedMatrix.M43;

        Camera.Direction.X  =   -ReversedMatrix.M31;
        Camera.Direction.Y  =   -ReversedMatrix.M32;
        Camera.Direction.Z  =   -ReversedMatrix.M33;

        Camera.Up.X     =   -ReversedMatrix.M21;
        Camera.Up.Y     =   -ReversedMatrix.M22;
        Camera.Up.Z     =   -ReversedMatrix.M23;

    const float Rad2Deg =   57.295779f;     // 180/PI
    float E             =   cameraProjectionTransform.M22;
    Camera.FieldOfView  =   ((float)Math.Atan(1/E) * 2) * Rad2Deg;

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