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Co-existing GestureRecognizer instances?

Hello, everybody.

I would like to know whether co-existing instances of GestureRecognizer class in Unity may cause any problems in terms of their unsynced time-lines starting with StartCapturingGestures() and ending with StopCapturingGestures(). For example I have an instance of GestureRecognizer that's capturing gestures the entire time of running my app and there is another instance that's only capturing for some seconds once in while. Will disabling capturing of gestures on the "occasional" recognizer interfere with the "eternal" recognizer?

Thank you very much!

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Best Answer


  • rajraj
    edited September 2016

    I'm not sure about using two gesture recognizers together. But UnityEngine.VR.WSA.Input namespace has an InteractionManager which I'd coupled with the gesture recognizer without any issues :)

    Hope it helps.

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