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Holographic Real-time Satellite Tracking: Debugging/Testing Support required

I've developed a HoloLens®-based version of the SpaceTracker™ real-time satellite tracking application already in the Store and would like to get some help of other developers trying it out for feed-back and bug reporting.
Get it: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/spacetracker-holographic/9nblggh51jwj

While testing make sure that:

  • An Internet connection is available to the HoloLens®
  • The 'English (United States)' language pack is installed and activated for speech input & output


  • Learn about all available voice commands by saying 'Show the voice commands menu'
  • The air-tap gesture always resets the position of the space scene about 2m in front of you
  • To add satellites to the scene use their catalog number (e.g. ISS=25544, TDRS 6=22314): https://celestrak.com/satcat/search.asp

Thank you very much.


  • I forgot to mention that the application was developed solely with the HoloLens® Emulator. So it might well be that you will not see what I expect...
    In any case, please send some photos/impressions of what is visible after launching/playing with the application.

  • voice commands do not seem to work for me at all. Status just says listening...

  • @subere23 Thanks for testing. Did you try saying 'Show the voice commands menu'? If that does not work, please say 'Rotate by 10 degrees' that will rotate the space scene a bit if speech recognition is working in general.
    Does speech recognition work with other applications on your HoloLens®?
    While waiting for your feed-back I will further look into this issue.
    By the way, could you please post a 'screen shot' so that I can find-out if the scene is looking as expected?
    Thank you.

  • Now I just get this every time "Sorry, I have lost tracking capabilities or I can not locate myself at all." and nothing happens.I have tried about 5 times now, and I have rebooted my HoloLens. Also, I can not bloom out of the app.

    The 2 times I got it to load, aside from the voice commands not working, The model looked great. And yes I used "Show the voice commands menu" many many times to no avail.

  • @subere23 OK, I will open a question in the HoloLens® forum about speech recognition in a non-Unity® project. It seems that the regular grammar-based Speech SDK of Windows® 10 does not work as it does on the HoloLens® Emulator.
    I will post a note when the application has been updated.
    Thank you very much!

  • I was able to call the voice commands menu. I somehow was able to get the spoken list of commands. However, I'm missing how to trigger a command. For example, do we speak the voice command # (e.g. "one")? The speech engine works, the speech recognition seems to work at least in two instances. The problem I'm having is knowing what the actual commands are.

    Also, for some reason the Voice Commands Menu is displayed only on the left display in the HoloLens.

  • @DocStrange Thank you very much for testing.
    To get further details on a particular command (i.e. how to execute it) say for example: 'Show the voice command number 9'. That will further explain that command showing it in EBNF syntax. 'Hide the voice command menu' removes the overlay window.
    Would you be willing to help me to further test the application by side-loading future test versions? I have no HoloLens® yet and would be happy to have some support.
    Thank you very much.

  • Anybody else already owning a HoloLens® willing to help me out with some testing? Thanks.

  • @subere23 Thank you very much, you're the best!
    Indeed speech recognition does not work at all. I think that the processing power of the HoloLens® might be insufficient to handle the quite complex, grammar-based voice input. A different (or simplified) form of user input is definitely required.
    I'll come back with a better UI, promised.

  • While still working only with HoloLens® Emulator device, I revamped the UI and split it into a 2D-Xaml view for the configuration of the space scenes and a 3D-volumetric view for watching.
    Whoever has some time to test, please do so. I'm particularly interested if the speech recognition is now working, how the scene is rendered, if the voice commands panel is popping-up when requested and if there are any bugs or crashes.
    Get started here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/spacetracker-holographic/9nblggh51jwj

    Thank you very much.

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