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Meteors looks awesome


I came across similar demo in rift. It was looking awesome. I added a little extra to that . I will try to post to it soon.



  • Looks really cool! Let us know when it is in the store. It would be really amazing if you could use the spatial surfaces and detect collisions so the meteors explode once they hit the real walls or the floor.

  • Submitted to the store.

    Working on another project . But on seeing the quality of this , I released just a demo of the high fidelity in for Hololens visual effects . The visual quality of meteors flying in space was awesome . I was tempted to drop a video and added the earth to do some thing also.

  • It is available in the store now.

  • Downloaded and tried. Indeed very nice.

    It probably should restart once finished - other than closing the app there was no other way to start it again.

  • This APP is pushing the Hololens to its limits in performance. This is a very simple APP but making it work without crashing it was a challenge.

    I tested many iterations with different Met speeds, different Meteors quantities and different length of time.
    After testing for a few days ( the coding took much less), I decided to stop it in one execution.

    I Put a loop on the same scene, Hololens was getting little warm. First time, this APP made me to look at those Performance Color graphs.

    For example, we may give it to some one and forget to take it back in the conversation, this (looping or menu driven restart) may crash the Hololens and the image of the Hololens device will be impacted. We do not want that now.

    And last of all I do not want to damage my Hololens now!!!

  • Alex, thanks for the feedback.

  • This was a side development. Was working on some thing, charmed by this visual beauty and deployed it on excitement.
    I will work on a an update -> with the Spatial mapping and breaking and the pieces of the earth hitting the walls and bouncing.

    I am working on a small APP - a single butterfly flying inside the house to learn all about the spatial mapping.

    I have so many items on the plate.. an excel spreadsheet list of ideas to work on. Let us see.. I will aim to make these changes and get them in a couple of weeks.

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