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Unreliable Deployment Process

Hi All,

So far the HoloLens dev environment is very much meeting my needs, except in one area: deployment. For some reason, Visual Studio, or HoloLens (or both) seem to get into "bad moods" sometimes and deployment will not occur. Often there is no error at all (it simply hangs on "Deploying" or "Copying Files," while other times I get the vague but all-too-familiar "Failed to Deploy" popup.

If I'm using "Remote" deployment, the answer is sometimes to switch to USB (aka "Device"), and vice-versa: when I'm on "Device," the answer is sometimes to switch to "Remote."

Sometimes I need to check "Uninstall and re-install my package." Sometimes I need to restart Visual Studio, my machine, the HoloLens, or both.

Often none of the above works, and I simply have to give up and return another time when my environment is happier, and for no reason at all it will start to work again.

Sometimes it will eventually work if I'm patient and allow deployment to take up to 10 minutes (!!!).

I'm running Windows on Parallels for Mac, so perhaps there could be an issue there, but before I spend have a day creating a brand new environment using Bootcamp, etc., I'm wondering if I'm the only one, and if anyone else may or may not have some helpful tips for making the deployment process more reliable. This is seriously, direly cutting into our development time, and it would be extraordinarily helpful if this were less of an issue.

Thanks in advance!


  • You are not alone. Restarting the Visual Studio usually seems to work for me, and then restarting the Emulator every few days as well. In some cases I also have to remove the app under development from the device or emulator, for it to be installed/deployed again.

  • I have the same issue. The other day I had to restart VS - because it says that the package could not be deployed. It has its moments!

  • Same here, usually have to restart VisualStudio.

    A couple times was able to turn off the Hololens to 'unstick' VisualStudio, but then on the next deployment, VS still hung requiring still requiring restart.

    Also, not setting the VisualStudio type to 'Release' causes it to hang for me but this appears to be due to size.

  • sptspt ✭✭

    I am still getting this. Sometimes it gets 'in a mood' and just wont finish deploy. Attempts to cancel the build lead to VS locking up.
    I have tried a lot of stuff, including rebooting the hololens and my computer twice and dancing in a circle with a four-leafed-clover, but nothing is completely reliable. Sometimes is just starts working after many tries. Sometimes it just takes time.
    Very annoying problem.

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