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How can we import OBJ files into HoloLens project?

We want to develop a HoloLens app using our existing OBJ files, that allows users to select product from catalog and rotate and scale it.

Please advise how we can we use existing OBJ files.


  • you can import the OBJ fiels into unity project before build... or you can upload OBJ files to onedrive and load from there.

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  • Just related: does 3D Player (beta) support obg now?

  • @viren_chaudhary here is a link to Unity supported 3D file formats.

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  • @charleszhang said:
    Just related: does 3D Player (beta) support obg now?

    I assume you meant OBJ and 3D Viewer? Not yet:

    If you don't mind trying beta apps you can see if the 480nm HoloViewer is what you are looking for as it supports OBJ files. It is free, and I would love to hear some feedback if anything is not working.

  • Thanks all. I'll just try out your suggestions and let you know..

  • Just tried the 480 nm Holoviewer app. Not bad, actually brought in an Obj file (but with no materials, only imports the obj), and previously, I had imported an FBX file. Movement, rotation, and sizing work, but are slow and with a delay of a few seconds after moving your hand/fingers. I like the materials, lighting, and color options. Enabling spatial mapping shows a mesh as if it was trying to map, but then the hologram disappears, and the mapping never seems to be complete. The holograms (in my case, a 3d model) do not seem to be locked into position very well, so when you move, they seem to move some also, so tough to walk around them and view from different angles. Is there any documentation for this app?

  • @msrAR1510 said:
    Just tried the 480 nm Holoviewer app....

    msrAR1510 - Thank your for your feedback. I have copied your comments and my response to the project page:

  • I've been able to use Obj files and it's not much complicated. Simply imported Obj files in Unity3D and set up rigid body and collision.

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