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Have a Hologram look at the viewer

Can someone help me with the code/strategy for keeping a 3D character looking at the HoloLens viewer (as is done in Fragments)? I am creating experiences with 3D avatars that I want to always look at the viewer so if the viewer moves around the space, the avatar will continue to gaze at the viewer. thanks


  • Can you let us know more about the avatars? Are the fully skinned with regular skeleton/bones or just static 3D models, or something else?

    Assuming full 3D "skeletaly" animated models depending on your resources and needs it can get quite complicated - for one the neck can only rotate so much before the whole body would need to adjust - the "easy" way would be to just rotate it in place but that will look weird and wrong - ideally there would be character animations for them adjusting their position...

  • Have a look at chapter 5 of Academy Lesson 210 - (Billboarding) https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/holographic/holograms_210

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