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Is HoloLens live preview from the iPad possible?

Unfortunately HoloLens live preview from the Device Portal does not work from the iPad. It gives the error: "Live preview stalled due to low bandwidth or loss connectivity" - please see the picture attached. Is there a way to fix it, please?



  • If bandwidth is your main limitation, then you could try attaching the HoloLens to your iPad via USB and access the Windows Device Portal by going to

  • GennadyGennady
    edited September 2016

    Hi ahillier,
    Thank you for your answer. I don't think it's a bandwidth issue - most probably supporting format/codecs as I understand - it plays in high bandwidth settings on the slower Android device with no problem through the same WiFi router.
    Your suggested method is for HoloLens to Windows PC USB connection, not to the iPad.


  • I don't think that the USB connection will work for iPad, though I haven't tried. I thought the USB connection used a driver built into Windows that isn't built into an iPad.

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  • @Gennady,
    Sorry, I don't have access to an iPad to try this out. Pat is probably right though, which means you're out of luck :(

  • Depending on what you're trying to accomplish you could stream the hololens to a PC and then remote view that PC with the iPad. :/

  • Thanks for the answers guys,
    We want ideally stream from HoloLens to iPad directly using HoloLens as a WiFi hotspot. For now we are using smartphone as a WiFi router/hotspot. But the iPad gives error. Anyone knows why and what could be done on the HoloLens/iPad side to fix this, please?

  • GennadyGennady
    edited September 2016

    It also doesn't work from Safari in OS X (does work from Chrome with no problem). In iOS all the browsers must use the same Safari libraries, so only way to try "different" browser is to jailbreak iOS device. And this is not an option in corporate environment.
    I submitted this problem (and the one with using HoloLens as a WiFi hotspot) to HoloLens Feedback Hub, please up-vote it there if you think it's a useful feature.

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