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What's the correct way to transition across scenes in unity and holo lens?

I've been trying to see how you transition from say a start menu scene to a > begin scene for my holo app. This may be related more to unity, but I just have so many questions.

Along that line if I have a menu system designed would I build it into another scene and then transition to that say if a person said "menu" via a voice manager.



  • Oh, man, that's a good question!

    You've got lots of options since you have the entire physical space as your canvas. For myself, I try to avoid a hierarchical view model wherever possible. It feels more natural for me to pin my app menu to the wall and leave it there for the duration. Fragments is a good example of this done well. HoloTours is a good example for a more traditional approach.

    What I do, for what it's worth, is separate out HoloLens "core" functionality into a separate scene from the game/app scenes. My project, HoloBlocks, has the following scenes in Unity

    1. "HoloLensCore" loads first. It includes game objects that set up gaze, voice, spatial mapping, gamepad support, and so on. Nothing game/app specific
    2. "SpashScreen" is loaded by HoloLensCore (additively) and simply shows opening logos, currently blank in published version of HoloBlocks.
    3. "MainMenu" gets loaded by SlapshScreen (additively) and includes the main game menu. For HoloBlocks, things stop here since there aren't sub-screens or multiple modes.

    This works well for me as it forces a few things which I think lead to better and more reusable designs in the long run.

    1. Make your HoloLens-specific code, such as spatial mapping, stand on its own, independent of the game/app design so it can be iterated on without breaking the rest of the app
    2. Get voice, gaze, gestures, and spatial mapping up-and-running fast. I start spatial mapping as soon as possible to minimize any perceived delay before room scanning starts.

    If you need more info on how to load scenes in Unity, start here.

    Interested in hearing others thoughts as well.



  • edited September 2016

    To add a bit to @DeckTwelve 's awesome post, is we also made sure our transitions hydrated in and dehydrated out (Which is just fancy Holospeak for fading in and out) so avoid objects popping into and out of existence.

    Stephen Hodgson
    Microsoft HoloLens Agency Readiness Program
    Virtual Solutions Developer at Saab
    HoloToolkit-Unity Moderator

  • This is great. This is the start of some really interesting workflow discussions. How are you animating in and out? I like the term hydrated. The reason I ask entirely unrelated as I'm working on an idea for possessing objects and doing some visual trickery.

  • Hello Guys!!!,
    Im sorry for the delay of ~ two years:)..... but

    @DeckTwelove, you are basically a god to me right now!.
    @stephenhodgson, you are like a god who made him and actually the god of all creations.
    @imagineholos, you are the bringer of the word... Mesich like!.

    After 2 years delay... I want to tell you guys that the thing you just did here is heavenly... Im building Unity Holo apps for a while now, and that particular problem is the three- head unbeatable monster that I've been fighting within the past six mounts.

    And if im already so dramatic...and by the שssumption that all of us are using unity to develop Holo apps. I have a serious question:

    Where are all the mixed realty developers in the world? Which forums are they hanging out? - it's not that im trying questioning this portal,
    it comes from the knowledge seeking and making the **imaginholos ** dream come true
    -> Bringing the AR world one step closer and help each other create more rich AR content.

    Now I shall try to rotate this 2 years post.
    @stephenhodgson can you elaborate on what is the best way to fade objects/materials in and out, in and between scene(s).
    in my mind this is quite tricky... we have the aspects of the effect performances + the comfortable of the eye + the scene architecture you guys just talked about.


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