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Any rules one need to follow when making a demo with Hololens?

Hello everybody!

We are asking this question in advance as some partnered people in the business are not sure about the Dos-and-Don'ts of making a demo with an owned Hololens or things one make with Hololens, businesses that one imagines with Hololenses.

We (and abroad companies / partners) have our own priorized questions, but I thought I will ask for even specific more cases than that in hopes that others can profit from the discussion.

Also I couldn't find better tags for this...

We and our partners are interested in these cases:

Case1) Custom Application Development Company demo case

  • Given a (startup / normal) company who has made something great
  • and want to show it off for businesses getting further projects to develop with Hololens
  • want to hold a demo of the application using the HL device

Case2) Consulting and Services Company demo case

  • Given a (startup / normal) possibly non-developer company who has application ideas and aim for a pool of devices, application schemes and the experts to evangelize the technology for given larger application areas by providing Hololens-based services
  • and wanting to show off the possibilities of the custom and core applications that the device pool and experts are able to serve to the customers
  • want to hold a demo of the application possibilities of using the company resources as a service in the industry with expert support in applications and possible custom apps.

Case3) Holding a demo with an owned device like in case1 or case2 in foreign countries and partners where the device shipping waves starts only later to gain project possibilities and create a more wide market.

Case4) Inviting local press to advertise case1 or case2 custom applications services using the Hololens technology.

Partners who have access to the device are having these kind of questions as much as those partners who don't. I want to strongly point out that aside all the above, we also expect the demos taking place in rightful ways where things that are coming with the device are articulated as properties of Microsoft and not used up in disguise also not using the demo in any disrespectful or damaging ways to Microsoft. Of course in the above cases this is not only the aim for the companies making these demos and it would harm them too, but I think the extra care is better to be articulated!

Basically there is an unwritten consensus among our developers that everything that aids the growth of the technology with added value to Microsoft itself should count as the right way to make a demo and it is allowed so I am mostly asking this question because some overly worry bosses only.

Keep up the good work and the best wishes for the brave new holographic world that HL is making possible! This is what puts the magic back into the software once again with endless new possibilities! It is not Apple that is leading revolutions once now and not Google, not random startups, but surprisingly Microsoft really took the lead! Be proud of that! I hope those who build with the tech can help the success even more and that this is not only allowed but encouraged ;-)

Best regards,
Richard Thier
R&D and IT expert - GrepInvent @ Grepton



  • VanessaVanessa admin
    edited September 2016


    As a HoloLens owner, there are no Do's nor Don'ts when it comes to demos :) The only restrictions that exist are in our Terms of Sale available here.

    Do do show the world the amazing experiences you're creating :) And let us know too! (tweet @ hololens, post a message here, send a PM to me or another one of the moderators and admins etc... :))

    If you need any tips or recommendations for events you're hosting, let us know. Happy to share our learnings!

    thank you!

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