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World Anchor question

I realize that World Anchors can be stored in a general database called: WorldAnchorStore. What if I store the coordinates of the GameObjects separately that are tagged as having a 'World Anchor' component. When I reload them back in I add a world anchor component to each of those GameObjects that are tagged as WorldAnchors. Presumably this will not give me the same WorldAnchor set as I had earlier. Or would it?

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  • stepan_stulovstepan_stulov ✭✭✭
    edited September 2016

    I think your confusion is justified as the process of saving the world anchors and the process of loading them back are extremely asymmetrical. One is trying to be overly helpful while another is leaving you to do all the manual work yourself.

    What worked for me is this, from within each individual anchored object's script.


    _worldAnchorStore.Load(_worldAnchorId, gameObject)


    WorldAnchor worldAnchor = gameObject.AddComponent();

    if (_worldAnchorStore.GetAllIds().ToList().Contains(_worldAnchorId))

    _worldAnchorStore.Save(_worldAnchorId, worldAnchor);



    I wish they made the "philosophy" behind anchoring more consistent.

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  • Thank you Stepan for the quick reply and suggestion. Is it correct to say that all your WorldAnchor positions for all the applications are stored in a single WorldAnchorStore on the HoloLens and each WorldAnchor is only identifiable by a unique name you give it as in _worldAnchorId in your explanation? I apologize if this is so obvious.

  • Each application has its own store, and the anchors are referenced by the name you give the anchor when you save it to the store.

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  • Thank you Stepan for your long and informative comment. I know it's very challenging to use stereographic and polychromatic content only to locate where you are. Thomas Whelan, amongst others has done some great stuff on the Kinect device doing 3D surveying of buildings. The accuracies he gets are quite awesome. When you have a bunch of noisy and sometimes inaccurate information coming in at a high frequency (say 60 Hz as in HoloLens) you can process meaningful stuff out of that heap of data. In 1953 a chap called Metropolis (actually it was his wife and friends) developed a way of processing noisy data like this and it is one of the most important algorithms of the 20th century apparently. At the HoloLens The HoloLens is a better hardware frame than the Kinect and it has, in my view, an exciting future on the professional side as well as the gaming side. We are just in at the very beginning of great parallelism and new techniques of how to deal with the volume of it in a meaningful way.

    For my part, I just get so frustrated at the volume of stuff to learn like the new processing methods and to understand it.

  • Frustrated? Take it as a challenge! Wouldn't it be boring otherwise :)

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