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101E tutorial gaze cursor is there but does not move

edited September 2016 in Questions And Answers

I finished the first chapter and it worked. For ch. 2, I did everything the tutorial said to do but the cursor just stays on a spot not near the hologram and does not move. I have the same position and code like the video does but it doesn't move with the gaze, it just stays in the initial position. Also when I click the play/preview button on unity, i get this error on worldcursor.cs "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
WorldCursor.Update () (at Assets/Scripts/WorldCursor.cs:19)". Im not sure if that is related to my problem. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!



  • mattgutzmattgutz
    edited September 2016

    I figured it out. It turns out Main Camera wasn't tagged as main camera and was left untagged so the program didnt know it was the main camera it needed.

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