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Has anyone developed a hard hat solution for hololens? In construction, we can't walk a job site without it.


  • It should be possible, but the question more so is what qualifies as a hard hat? Is there a specification that must be reached, like side coverage?

  • Side coverage is not necessary. Some higher end hard hats have the bill all the way around the hat, but most standard issue hard hats only have the bill on the front. I tried on my hard hat with the hololens and it was comical. There isn't any way to ratchet the hat down on your noggin when wearing the lens.

  • check out the DAQRI

  • TitalusTitalus
    edited October 2016

    My company has really started looking at AR site visits as an option, but they too are in requirement of a hard hat. There is one other product they are looking at that has a hard hat built in. But I'd think it would not be that hard to include an option for HoloLens.

    We are pro HoloLens at AEP and would like to include it for our inspection routines. We are a safety first company though.

  • This is a bit commercially sensitive so I can't disclose too much. I know of one company that is working with Microsoft to build a hard-hat version. I will let know more when I can disclose some more details.

  • Engadget covered how the Ukraine military built a HoloLens helmet for tank commanders: https://www.engadget.com/2016/11/02/ukraines-military-wants-hololens-helmets-for-its-tank-commander

  • gabegabe
    edited March 2017


    we are also looking for a hard helmet solution. Was there any progress with the hard-hat version, or at least a stand alone hard hat compatible with Hololens?


  • Peter_NZPeter_NZ ✭✭✭

    I have found hardhats that will work okay with the Hololens. You have to find one that sits reasonably high and then adjust the Hololens headband and hardhat harness until it works.

    However, we can get access to a hardhat supplier that can modify the hardhat specifically to work with the Hololens - provided there is sufficient demand. That being said the hardhats we get are AS/NZS1801 certified which may not be much use to you?

  • We have been testing on construction job sites, but have to shut down work in the area. The problems that we have encountered so far are
    1. There is a nose piece attached to the hololens. When the hard hat sits on top, any top impact would immediately break your nose. Need to either have air gap or remove nose piece and attach directly to helmet.
    2. Impact rated glasses. I am not sure if the lenses are safety rated. They would need to be so in order to be used as eye protection.
    3. Tightening belt - in most hart hats, the tightening belt that fits around your head overlaps the tightening band of the hololens.
    4. Hardhat obscures top mounted volume and brightness controls. Not significant, but worth mentioning.

    I think a possible solution involves the areas that you have for top clips. (See picture) If a hart hat used the Hololens tightening belt, then clipped into the top clips, you could theoretically take out the nose piece and tighten the Halo into position. The imagery would bounce around a little, but better than nothing.

  • Peter_NZPeter_NZ ✭✭✭

    Some interesting points.

    1) I hadn't considered the broken nose scenario nor has it been brought to my attention on sites - but now that you mention it I can see your point.

    2) With your second point, it annoys me that Microsoft has not submitted the Hololens for impact testing. It is pretty straight forward to pass I am sure with the 2 layers of Perspex that Hololens would pass easily. They showcase the Hololens to be used in construction (e.g. Trimble, Cambridge University etc) - but they don't back it up with getting the basic safety construction certifications.

    However, what I do on sites its put the safety rated glasses on first and put the Hololens on second (i.e. the same as for people wearing glasses)

    3) For my safety helmet I put the Hololens on first but loosely and low (i.e. its sitting on my ears). I place the hard-hat on, the I raise the Hololens back to its normal position and turn the tightner until secure.

  • Thanks for all the suggestions. But I am hoping that someone (Ideally Microsoft and/or Trimble) can provide a solution for an integrated Hard Hat. Especially since it is one of their target markets and it will require safety testing.

  • On this note does anyone know if the hololens can be used with safety glasses underneath? My manufacturing facility requires OSHA certified eye protection and I cannot gather any data on its protection levels.

  • mr0ngmr0ng ✭✭

    @electricboot You'll need to verify what this actually means for your situation - but there was recent news that the HoloLens received safety eyewear approvals. Check out all the details here: https://augmented.reality.news/news/hololens-passes-protective-eyewear-tests-for-use-workplace-0177292/

  • DiegoVDiegoV ✭✭

    @Marti said:
    check out the DAQRI

    and pay 16K$ :)

  • @Peter_NZ said:
    This is a bit commercially sensitive so I can't disclose too much. I know of one company that is working with Microsoft to build a hard-hat version. I will let know more when I can disclose some more details.

    any updates on the given subject?

  • Here is a solution we've developed and tested:

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