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How to integrate voice commands with UI Buttons in HoloLens?

edited September 2016 in Projects

I am following tutorials from Microsoft academy , and able to integrate voice commands ("Drop Down" , "Reset All") with holograms, but when I follow same steps to integrate voice commands with UI Buttons there is no response.

Do I need to give holographic property to Buttons ? Is voice commands works only on holograms ?



  • Are you talking about Unity. If so I'm afraid you might need to associate your voice commands with buttons yourself. You will want to specify a keyword per button which would probably be then matching button's title if there is a title. And you will want to recognize that voice command only after you've been continuously gazing over that button for a certain threshold time like one second. There may be something like that already done in the HoloToolkit, but I so far only used "raw" Unity APIs. Hope this helps.

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  • Thanks for your reply Stepan_stulov.
    I already tried what you mentioned in your comment, assigning keyword per button and giving voice command after gazing at that button. but its not working.

  • Which part exactly is not working? Do all the components work for you separately, as in do the keywords get recognized, does gazing work, do the taps get recognized? Or does the combining of all of them not work?

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  • I am trying to open application by button click , so I am able to gaze and tap on button to open application , but when I try same thing using voice command application is not opening because I am unable to click button using voice command .

  • Oh, so you're not even talking about voice commands from within your app, you'ra talking about being unable to do voice commands in the shell. Are you saying "Select" or, let's say on a Remove button, "Remove"? Perhaps it's very loud around you? Maybe the mic is disabled?

    Building the future of holographic navigation. We're hiring.

  • @rj21 Can you plesase share the code that you have used for buttons to get activated using gaze gesture, Coz iam facing a problem with that.
    Thanks in advance

  • @rj21
    Can you please share the code you have for the tap on a button? I followed a tutorial on the link below and works when I follow the tutorial but the tap override doesn't work on my code. Can you please share your code?

    Thank you.


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