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Unity 5.50b4 Spatial Mapping breaks

I am having an issue where using any of the spatial mapping logic in the Holotoolkit if I walk outside of the initial starting area the entire mesh and all world anchors will drop down about 2 feet and rotate 45ish degrees. They will not reset until I close and relaunch the app. I spent all day trying to debug my project and was getting the same results. I just rolled it back to 5.40f3 and published and the mapping works again. It seems to be that whenever the position is lost, instead of trying to map my surroundings again it just updates them to some arbitrary value off of the camera. Building on 5.50b4 never shows "trying to map your surroundings" just the unity logo. 5.40f3 shows it correctly. Has anyone else noticed this?


  • Hi @BeamDev,
    Thanks for reporting this issue, it does sound like a regression with Unity.

    We haven't officially moved to the 5.5 beta build yet. We are starting to use the build now on our team, but we'll need to make updates to the HoloToolkit and some Academy courses before we make this the go-to build. Also, spatial sound is broken with 5.5, so that's a major feature that won't work.

  • utekaiutekai ✭✭✭
    edited September 2016

    I'm running 5.40b1 and when the map gets above, say 300,000 (a guess on my part, not data driven yet) triangles, I've experienced something similar.

    Walking out of the initial area into one of the already mapped areas will result in a remapping event with loss of the original anchor. In my case, the remapping usually resets my current position to the position where I was at the start. And then if I return to the original starting position, I find myself outside of the mapped area and it doesn't trigger a remap event.

    When mapping a smaller area, it seems to be ok, but then I don't have as much space to move around in.

    Experienced this running the hologram academy demos in course 230.

    Also, the room or hallway lighting seems to play a role. When I turn off the physical lights the spatial mapping activity performs worse.

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