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manipulate position and scale

I am using navigation for rotating, and manipulation for both moving and resizing. all action are need to go through air tapping of button. however I cant detect move action when gesture recognizer transitions to manipulation. works fine if there is only rotate and move action. advice needed on how to implement the resize action together using buttons.

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  • @mark_grossnickle
    thx for advice.
    currently I am using navigation recognizer to rotate and manipulation recognizer to move. so in order to have another gesture for resizing, I need to create a new gesture recognizer that will recognize another gesture for resizing?

  • No, not necessarily. I mean you could. But you could also just stick to 2 and swap out what gets called in the PerformManipulationStart handler.

    So lets say you have a MoveBehaviorAction and a ResizeBehaviorAction. Have something manage which action is currently active and the GestureManager can call PerformManipulationStart on whichever action is active.


  • @mark_grossnickle
    I couldn't get to switch between cases using script. could you advice on how to call on the particular active action? I tried another way of enabling and disabling a certain action but seems like it is still active even after disabling.

  • We have a manager class that calls StartManipulation on the desired action. That class handles which action receives the call.

    A simpler way could be to just store your own ActionEnabled bool in the action and if it is false then ignore the StartManipulation and ManipulationUpdate calls. Set that bool to true/false rather than enabling/disabling the monobehavior itself.


  • @mark_grossnickle
    so it will be similar to how another script is used to call on gesture manager bool IsManipulating or Isnavigating to set the current active action?

  • Marks article that he links to above was incredibly valuable in helping me get acquainted with the different gestures. I highly recommend it. I would also recommend you check out the updated hands-based manipulation sample that was added to the toolkit not long ago. Specifically check out this scene:


    Our Holographic world is here

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  • utekaiutekai ✭✭✭

    Another approach is to use voice commands. The KeywordRecognizer is rather easy to setup and use. The origami sample in holograms 101 has a small and nicely implemented (code wise) example of using it.

  • @mark_grossnickle @jbienzms @utekai

    I will re-explore the different tutorial and scripts again.
    thx so much for the different advices and sorry for asking lots of questions(ps: i'm very new to coding. so still have difficulty understanding some codes)


  • No worries and good luck! Also may be worth joining the Hololens slack channel. Good people in there who may be able to add more perspective or at the very least give you a quicker response.



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