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HoloLens App Assistance

edited September 2016 in Questions And Answers

Hello HoloLens Devs!

I have been working on a HoloLens app, but am a bit stuck with some of the c# used to move or manipulate positions of holograms. Currently I'm using the Gesture Manipulation script on a game object. This is working great, except when the user moves a game object it will pass straight through other holograms in the scene.

What I'm looking for assistance on is how to provide feedback with collision detection that the game object being moved has hit another hologram and will stop them from passing through each other? Or alternatively how to use an air tap to grab a game object and manipulate it as one would with a mouse click, hold and drag.

I have colliders already setup on the game objects in the scene and if I drop for example a paddle onto a table the paddle will stop and does not pass through the table. The overlapping of the holograms only occurs while manipulation is active and the user moves the object being manipulated through another mesh.

I must apologize, I'm somewhat green to some of these concepts and how to approach these difficulties, especially with the HoloLens. If this is not possible or a bit too cumbersome an alternative solution would be to create constraints in the translated position and restrict movement of a hologram to a specific area based on X,Y,Z coordinates. While this method is not ideal, it would at least provide adequate control of some game objects.

I would love to pick someone's brain about this, please let me know if anyone is willing to help out, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

  • Marshal


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