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Issues with Gestures (GazeGestureManager)

I'm trying to get two different behaviors to work when looking at two different objects. Right now I have a GameObject that consists of 2 different 3D objects. Each 3D object has a GazeGestureManager (called PlayPauseGestureManager and RewindGestureManager) which I copied from the code in 100E, but changed the method to where it goes (i.e. from OnSelect to OnPlayPause and OnRewind).

In a different script, I implement these two behaviors in a script called PlayCommands. However, when I click on either object, I get the same behavior. I was debugging when clicking on the object for rewinding and it went to the RewindGestureManager and to the proper method (OnRewind) in PlayCommands, but then it goes to PlayPauseGestureManager, thereby implementing the OnPlayPause from PlayCommands and overriding OnRewind.

I'm not sure why this might be happening - does anyone know and may be able to help me fix it?

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  • Oh wait, I just realize I did it backwards - I put a set of commands in one script and had multiple gesture managers for each object. What I should have done, which now works, is to create one gesture manager and multiple command scripts for the specific objects

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