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What exactly are Sharing Service Client Roles?

Okay, so I've been abstracting the Sharing code from Holograms 240 for our needs, and understand most of what I am seeing here, but I am a little stumped on what the Client Roles are.

Instinct tells me that a Primary Client starts and terminates the service, whilst a Secondary Client can only join and leave and existing service? However, through testing across two devices, I am unsure if this is the case. So, what exactly are the differences between the two roles?

If my instinct serves me wrong, does the existing codebase have a way of having one user responsible for starting and terminating the service, whilst others can only join and leave?

When both devices quit the application whilst testing, the Sharing Service does not currently terminate, is there a command I can send it? Or do I simply call session.Dispose()? When both devices restarted the application during our testing, we found that the spatial mapping and anchors had gone wrong, and my coworkers avatar was to my left, whilst he was standing in front of me.

I apologise for the numerous questions, but if I can nail down these concepts, I can build what we need.


  • Did you get your answers? I am also trying the sharing but have only one device. I was trying to run the app and place the hologram at a specific anchor. Now if I re-boot my device and re-open the app, it starts all fresh without downloading the anchors uploaded by previous instance of the app.

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