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How do you anchor an object to a mapped room instead of the hololens device?

edited October 2016 in Questions And Answers

I have used the Hololens spacial mapping (I did holograms 203) to map a building, consisting of four separate rooms across two floors. I then put this map in Unity and was able to walk around the building without a hitch.

However, I noticed that placing objects in unity (I put in simple cubes) does not make them appear in my hologrammed building as I walk around in it. Though I can't be sure, I can only assume that the origin of the building I'm in is changed as it figures out where the hololens is located, and the cubes are just too far away to see. When turning the program on, it is always able to figure out what room in the building I'm in when I start without issue, though I have no idea how it does this which may be where some of my confusion comes from.

So what I'm trying to do is place an object in the first room of this building, it always staying in that room of this building, and it being located in that spot in the building no matter where I am when I start the program.


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