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Hologram groups and drift

edited October 2016 in Questions And Answers

This is similar to a question asked previously, but the answer didn't seem to help me much.

I am building a custom measurement tool of sorts. I have n number of points with a LineRenderer connecting them all.

The end goal here is actually determine the accuracy, we are hoping for sub millimeter accuracy within 3 meters. This isn't that important other than I want to point out that my drift is not serious, but certainly outside of our error tolerance.

Aside from the drifting itself, one problem I am facing is that the line doesn't drift with the points making things look pretty crappy, I might be able to deal with more drift if it wasn't as visually obvious.

I see the paragraph below from the documentation and I have tried a myriad of things, but it seems like I am missing some fundamental concept.

_Group holograms that should form a rigid cluster
Multiple holograms can share the same spatial anchor if the app expects those holograms to maintain fixed relationships to one another.



  • while I am still interested in how to group these together, I've found a work around for the line drifting separately by redrawing it every frame.

  • Hi RobAllen, have you succeed in obtaining sub millimeter accuracy with hololens?

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