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Spatial Mapping obtainability and accuracy

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask the following three things:
1. would it be possible to obtain the scanned 3D mesh from HoloLens?
2. what would be the file format of that mesh?
3. what is the maximum theoretic accuracy of that mesh? for instance would it be possible through post processing of the mesh to identify objects, the dimensions of which are in the area of centimeters?

Thanks in advance,



  • @mdouk
    Yes, the spatial mesh is accessible.
    The mesh at runtime is data and not in a file.
    There have been some previous discussions and posts on estimated accuracy. The setting that seems to have the greatest influence is: TrianglesPerCubicMeter (unityengine.vr.wsa.surfacedata)

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  • mdoukmdouk
    edited October 2016

    Thanks for the quick reply!

    In the beginning i am more interested in obtaining a file with the saved mesh in order to post-process it. That does not have to be real-time during runtime. Can I store an access the mesh post runtime?

  • Any news on that? Can I store a 3D model of the scanned room?

  • Hi I am a new user too.
    I have done the Holograms 230 training provided by Windows Dev Center and presented by Angela Hillier. In the Chapter 1 of tutorial (Scanning), she presented a method to save the current room in Window Device Portal and used in Unity.
    Is this any use to you?

  • You can download the spatial mapping mesh in the device portal under "3D View". This saves it as an .obj which can be imported into unity.

  • Good thanks guys! I was checking Tutorial 230 and I was wondering: How high can I set TrianglesPerCubicMeter? I have tried with 1500 but the scan quality had not improved drastically.

  • @S_Lincke said:
    You can download the spatial mapping mesh in the device portal under "3D View". This saves it as an .obj which can be imported into unity.

    can I get the .OBJ from the 3D VIEW in my holoapp.thankyou

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