Hololens device Application opening

iam a beginner working with unity. I deployed my application using Hololens gadget. I opened the app in front of me..
I could see a window displayed with ->Made with Unity.
But my application is working and opening in the other side of the room and i have to search for where my application is.
May i know what the problem is?

Best Answer


  • What are your hologram's X,Y,Z transform.position values in Unity's editor?
    Which direction was your HoloLens pointing when you first launched your app from Visual Studio?

  • I have only 1 hologram in my scene view
    Position: X: -3.7 Y: 0.03 Z: 2.06
    i could see "Made with Unity" just in front of me.
    But my deployed hologram is present to side of my actual screen.. sometimes in the opposite direction of my screen too..

    Please Clarify :)

  • Why is that the positions of the Holograms depend on the origin of the launch app window ,

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