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occlusion and spatial understanding

I've used spatial understanding to place various objects on the floor including a square of grass underneath all of these objects. I have this working very well and the objects are placed precisely on the floor.

When I added occlusion with the Spatial Mapping Renderer, the spatial map that is on the floor the occulsion actually hides some of that grass on the floor because they are at the same level.

I've tried using the occlusion material on the spatial understanding custom mesh script, and end up with the same problem. I tried placing my holograms a little off the ground, but this causes its own set of problems.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?


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    I'm having a very similar issue, and would love it if someone could post something about best practices regarding rendering objects on the floor.

    The HoloLens' determined floor height is sometimes wrong, which is a little annoying if it's above the spatial mapping, but catastrophic if it's below. Basically you get objects being obscured by the spatial mapping triangles, making the holograms completely invisible.

  • This may be totally off the mark but what if you change the shader Renderqueue to something like overlay? just a thought or change the wireframe material shader to background

  • Good idea, I think that is a step in the right direction. I set the renderqueue to overlay for the square of grass that touchs the ground and it is no longer partially obscured by the occluded mesh on the floor. So that part is great. Unfortunately that also means that obstacles in the room like a piece of furniture allow the grass to show through. This leads me to think that the right thing to do would be to set the occlusion material shader to have a renderqueue of background, but to only do it for the part of the mesh that represents the floor. Does anyone know a way to do this?

  • Hey , @PoshPorcupine ,
    How did you manage to place the objects to spatial understanding results?
    I am using holotoolkit spatial understanding, but couldnt figure out how to replace small cubes with my objects

  • When I use the default "Occlusion" shadder on the spatial mapping, triangles through my holograms and it's awful. I deleted the line "Queue" = "Geometry-1" and it's ok. I think you can modify the queue to do what you want. I add lots UI, layers problem and in the end it's often a shader problem.

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