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Align to surface normal

Hi! I am developing with holotoolkit, I am placing object with SpatialMappingObserver, SpatialMappingManager and WorldAnchorManager like managers, and the objects I want to place they have "TapToPlace"

My cuestion is: When I am placing one object, this object is face to face with camera and works nicely with spatial surfaces, that is OK. But the thing I want to do: When the object (for example a plane) touch a wall, I want this plane aligns with the wall normal.

I cant find the script for this. When I run microsoft app and I am positioning the window, this window works that I am asking for. I want for my scene planes. I appreciate the help!!


  • Hi @gomes

    I think basically you just want to set your transform.up vector to match the normal of the surface you are putting it on. The spatial mapping mesh might be a little noisy to use directly; using plane finding would be better. There is some good discussion here though it isn't HoloLens specific.

  • Thanks for your help, my problem is that I dont know how and where catch this spatial surface for acces to his normal.

  • GazeManger.Instance.Normal will give you the normal of the surface that your gaze intersects with.

  • I think I know what you want. Use serfacemeshestoplanes script, generate planes in your environment, then place objects on those planes. You can get some help from holograms 230. (Placeable script)

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