Installing Certificates?

I'm trying to access a webpage that will generate a BPIA certificate (VeriSign) so I can access my corporate network via a 'partners' network.

I've attempted the procedure via Edge but the webpage advises it only supports IE11 or lower and it just hangs after entering credentials.

I have 2 of the 'developer' HoloLens (not commercial)

Is there a way to put Edge into a IE11 compatibility mode?
Or perhaps a way to side load IE11 if an installer is available?
If it's another 'commercial' only feature has anybody had success in 'topping up' the developer edition to commercial?

The HoloLens have been very well received but little issues like this and No VPN on developer Edition are taking the shine off ever so slightly.


  • I'm also interested. I need to download a certificate ala "normal" windows 10, goal is to see if I can manage a hololens via MDM, again, like "normal" windows 10.

  • 2nd may 2018. No answer. How do we install a certificate in Hololens Edge?

  • ping...

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