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Adding Sharing to My App

edited November 2016 in Questions And Answers

My app is based off the Holograms 212 Lesson. I'm adding sharing to it.
I'm taking the sharing components from the Holograms 240 Lesson.

The Sharing Prefab scripts are having compile errors. Photo attached.

Assets/HoloToolkit/Sharing/Scripts/SharingSessionTracker.cs(10,38): error CS0246: The type or namespace name Singleton1' could not be found. Are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference? Photo attached.~~~~

I probably need to integrate code such as World Anchor and more in my code.

Some help please.


  • edited November 2016

    I replaced the HoloToolKit from my App (built from Lesson 212) with the latest one from the GitHub. https://github.com/spinteractive/HoloToolkit-Unity. I did this because my HoloToolKit did not have sharing in it.

    Shouldn't I be able to update HoloToolKits?
    I'm getting all kinds of errors.. everything is broken in Unity.

    Any help?

  • I notice the HoloToolKit I'm using does not have sharing in it. I think it's an older verison. I'm comparing code between the newer one with sharing and mine, the code is very different.

  • Davon92Davon92
    edited November 2016

    As far as sharing process goes this is what i got to work.

    Downloaded and imported the latest holotoolkit.

    Apply the sharing prefab to scene. set my IP address in the sharing Stage to the Ipv4 address of the computer that runs the Sharing Service.exe.

    Then i added the import export manager script to a central object that all shared objects will be a child of.

    from there you can add your own custom message to send values to the remote hololenses through the customessages script on the sharing prefab (just look at the send stage and send head transform methods in custom messages as well as the enum at the beginning of custom messages).

    then you will want to create a script that has Custommessages.Instance.MessageHandlers[CustomMessages.TestMessageID.NameofyourCustomMessage] = this.NameofyourCustomFunction;

    the (NameofyourCustomFunction) will be a function within this script that will Read Back the values you sent to the CustomMessageScript on the remote headsets. (you can look at the Send Head Transform Script of the Holograms 240 Script with the Projectile to get a better understanding).

    after reading back the values at the end of YourCustomFunction you will then tell your object what to do with that information on the remote device.

    Are your objects being created by the user or on startup?

  • Thanks for the reply. Object are created both at startup and by user. Why do you ask?

  • i have a similar project but i decided to only let one user place everything and have other users who join in later automatically placed objects into their scene. I also believe its easier to have a common anchor that's already in the scene to allow users to agree on the location

  • Good advice. Thanks.

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