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Camera usage in Emulator?

Hi friends,
I did not find yet if the emulator emulates the camera in any form... or if there is any way to emulate the camera.
(e.g. mapping to the web cam or providing a picture or a video stream).
Any ideas or pointers?
Kind regards,


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  • Req: please provide some type of camera simulation... Eg loading a picture in the host system to feed the camera...
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  • Jarrod1937Jarrod1937 ✭✭✭
    edited April 2016

    It would help me as well. I don't think a webcam input would work as the emulator won't have the needed depth info. However, at the very least, having the sample rooms textured and viewable would allow a lot of testing scenarios. I'm wanting to do a locatable camera to take shots and see if I can make a perspective correction algorithm using the 3d coordinates provided. Though, I'm sure the hololens team has a lot of their plate already, just something to consider.

  • Would using a Kinect sensor (Xbox One) provide the required depth information? Would still need some way of passing the data through or mapping the connection but it would be really useful to test augmented reality type apps without a full hardware kit.

  • Jimbohalo10Jimbohalo10 ✭✭✭

    @DavidKlineMS said:
    Using the host PC's web cam in the emulator is not a supported scenario.


    Thanks for that.
    My interest is in the fact that webcams are supported in Unity 5 and can be supplied in Texture2D. A Unity article has been published with a Unity 5 package to see the output of a webcam onto a Unity window. See the article Unity3d : WebCamTexture Convert To Texture2D.
    Detailed install instructions for VS 2015 developers, we seem to need it, for Unity :D
    Download zip, right click extract all
    Double click on the Unity import package.

    Unity starts click New Select 3D and enter the name "WebCamTextureToTexture2D"
    The Unity importer starts, click import all
    Click on Project tab to view the Assets.
    Double click the "Scene" unity icon.
    File -> Save Scene , then Save project.
    Click the Play button above the #Scene Window
    You should see two windows left being Local and right being "Remote"
    You can view the code in VS2015, however Mono Developer will give cursor driven help from the Unity Script manual which VS cant.

    Finally the wont run in HoloLens Emulator, because you I cannot attach a USB webcam to the virtual machine via Hyper-Manager.

    PS Does anyone know how to convert Texture2D to 3D images programmatically into mesh , for Unity to work with Holographic Tutorial 230 Chapter 7 Spatial Mapping?

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