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Remix3D integration with custom Unity applications?

Hi all,

With the new creators edition announcement including the Remix3D community, has anyone seen if there plans to have the ability to integrate 3D models from this in a custom Unity application? Or if it is possible to create 3D sketches in Paint3D and pushing them into a custom HoloLens application?

We are targeting custom applications for industrial use, and it would be great if we could allow users to sketch 3D drawings and upload them directly to our custom app.



  • Hi @Sam,
    I played around a bit with the Paint 3D preview today and I was able to create a 3D model, re-paint it, and save/load it into Unity. Since the models are exported as .fbx (a format that almost all 3D modeling and game engine tools understand), you should be able to render the models in your custom application. I have not tried to load the model on HoloLens yet, but I suspect the major difficulty for displaying user-generated content will be scale. You might need to add some logic for detecting the scale of the model and then resizing to be viewable on the HoloLens.

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