True to Life Scales

Hi everyone,

Can anyone point me in the right direction to make files show in their real life size? Any tutorial I can follow?



  • @jadmchalhoub
    For starters it is important to note that within your HoloLens app in Unity

    1 unit = 1 meter

    Unity supports a large number of 3D formats.

    So the important thing that you need to work out (and there are a lot of ways to get there) is basically how to convert your original models units to be 1 meter inside Unity, assuming your original model was created life size to start with.

    Some of the steps where the conversion can happen:

    • original configuration of your 3D (before you build the models) to be 1 unit = 1 meter
    • export step from the 3D tool that the model was created in, convert to 1 meter units
    • import step convert to 1 meter units
    • after import adjust model (or wrapper gameobject) scale to reflect the correct ratio


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  • Thank you for answering the previous questions. I feel that this is a important question.
    Could any of the developers also share the workflow of maintaining the real scale in BLENDER? yes, we can change to meter units instead of default units but then is there something else to do? the scale in the FDX export option is also set to 1.0 but when loading it to 3d viewer, the model is bigger. Thanks

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