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How to move and object with the hands


I was wondering if anyone could explain me how to move an object with my hand: tap to start moving and tap to drop it or tap and hold to move release to stop moving it. Both of these options would work.

Thank you very much.


  • @hologreb for starters you probably want to take a look at either the Manipulation or Navigation gestures.

    Also work through Holograms 211.

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  • Hello @HoloSheep thank you for your answer. I did Holograms 211 and read the mainpulation article.
    However I am not able to create a new project insert a cube an move the cube with my hands. I have the holotool kit installed but i am not sure what scripts should I add to my hierarchy in order to move the objects.

  • Actually you can't move holograms like real physic objects. But maybe it will be possible with Meta2 device.

  • @hologreb

    It's not like in the real world but try to do that:

    1. Put a collider on your GameObject - only if not
    2. Put the HandDraggable.cs script on your GameObject
    3. Run the app - gaze at your GameObject, do the "Manipulation"- Gesture
    4. Move your hand - the GameObject will follow ...
  • @DrNeurosurg I tried your instructions it works, But movement is only in left and right direction. Why I can't drag the object top and down with HandDraggable.cs script.

  • Hmm.. in my app I can also move the object towards to me an also up and down ...
    any constraints on your Gameobject ?

  • In the HTK add the InputManager prefab into your scene and I would also recommend adding the CursorWithFeedback prefab just so you know where you're looking at as well as the SpatialMapping prefab. Then whichever object you want to pick up and move just add a TapToPlace script onto it. With TapToPlace you can either pickup the GO or its parent. A limitation of TapToPlace is that the raycast is only cast onto the layer that is indicated in the SpatialMapping prefab under SpatialMappingManager.cs defaulted at the spatial mesh so you would not be able to place objects on top of each other.

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