Origin of spatial mapping mesh from Device Portal

Hi, all

I made simple app to take a picture from webcam in hololens and extracting camera-to-world matrix to get origin (0,0,0) of webcam in world coordinates.

Last column in camera-to-world matrix by calling TryGetCameraToWorldMatrix() function supposes to be webcam's origin in world coordinates, right?

Then, I am trying to get the spatial mapping mesh from Device portal by simply clicking 'save' button in 3D view menu but it seems like mesh saved from device portal has different origin points (rotated and translated) each time based on clicking 'update' button or moving.

I thought world coordinate's origin point is staying at fixed location. I guess it is not. Should I save spatial mapping mesh from my app as well to save both spatial mapping mesh and picture with same world coordinate origin?

Thank you.

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  • Hi @Song, I am experiencing exactly the same problem now, could you explain in a bit more detail how you solved it? Thank you so much!!

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