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how to add force to a tapped instantiated cube ?

edited November 2016 in Questions And Answers

I followed this great tutorial to create cube prefabs successfully.

Then I tried to add a few lines to immediately add force to the cube, so that it should look like I tapped to shoot a cube. But the Addforce didn't work, the cubes created just keep free falling. I am using the transform.forward of the instantiated instance, this argument should be correct, I don't understand why it did not work.

Please take a look, is there any mistakes?
Thanks beforehand.

All I have modified was following, added no more than 10 lines to GestureRecognizer_TappedEvent() in the GestureManager.cs from Holotoolkit.

private void GestureRecognizer_TappedEvent(InteractionSourceKind source, int tapCount, Ray headRay) { //headRay.origin gives us the position that the HoloLens wearer is at. //headRay.direction gives us the direction that the HoloLens wearer is looking. //if we want to get the position 2m in front of the HoloLens, we can multiply the direction by 2, // and add it to the origin value, like the code below var direction = headRay.direction; var origin = headRay.origin; var position = origin + direction * 2.0f; Rigidbody cubeInstance; cubeInstance = Instantiate(CubePrefab, position, Quaternion.identity) as Rigidbody; cubeInstance.AddForce(cubeInstance.transform.forward * 1000); CalcFocusedObject(); OnTap(); }

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