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ImportExportAnchorManager Stuck In Initializing Phase Unsure about WorldAnchor for Sharing

edited November 2016 in Questions And Answers

Hello, I am setting up a Holographic Shared Experience For 10+ users and have gone though a lot of trial and error getting things.

I have implemented a system for an admin to choose through a list of items in an administrator only menu to spawn into the world.

The admin can also Update, rotate and remove items from the experience which will propagate to all uses in session.

I even setup the ability for users who join the session well after items have been placed to receive and spawn all items the admin previously placed.

My problem Now happens to be with the Offset placement of the spawned items on either users end. I have noted on numerous attempts that the world is offset between everyone, admin or other user even though the Debug log shows that the placement Vectors for position and rotation are the same.

This led me to the ImportExportAnchorManager.Instance.IsEstablished function which i debugged to be false as well as the StateName to still be initialized.

So if the starting world anchor is not being correctly established or correctly identified how am i able to share the items across hololenses.

The items are children of the hologram collection which has the ImportExportManagerAttached.

The items are sending their local position and local rotation to the CustomMessage script.

And the items being read back to the other users hololense with HologramCollection.TransformPoint and TransformDirection for the vector3 and quaternion variables.

Is it possible to Make my hologram Collection at World Origin already place in unity programmatically set itself as the world or spatial anchor for hologram sharing so that i can have correct placement between hololenses? What am I missing to make this possible?


  • Davon92Davon92
    edited November 2016

    I'am trying to piece together the documentation and information from my previous post. but sadly all that seems to accomplish is a bunch of running around between creating world anchors but not knowing how to send them through custom message as a Byte[], or searching the import export manager script which seems to try and handle a lot of anchor creation.

    But not getting past anchor state.Initializing

    sadly this is very frustrating and documented kind of poorly.

  • Sorry for the answering of my own question that was meant to be a comment
    still unanswered.

  • Is anyone Willing To Explain the Import Export Manager Setup So that I can Create and Share a world anchor so that eveyone is in sync?

  • Davon92Davon92
    edited November 2016

    why are so many questions being ignored?

  • DandoDando
    edited April 2017

    You will need to attache the "custommessages.cs" script to the same object as your importexportanchormanager.cs, I had the same issue.

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