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Actiongram Update - November 9, 2016

CesarGarCesarGar admin
edited December 2016 in Actiongram Beta

What's new in this release (November 9, 2016):

  • Unlock a magical new world of storytelling with exciting fantasy-themed content. Update includes epic characters like Dragon, Knight, and Unicorn, along with fun new props like Treasure Chest, Magic Lamp, and more!
  • A new, easier to navigate main interface
  • A redesigned gallery using folders to group similar holograms and filters to help you browse or find what you’re looking for
  • Improved access for Advanced UI features
  • Many bug fixes and improvements 

Known Issues in build 1.1610.2418.0:
1. The app might not appear in the Start Menu. You can work around this by using the Windows Device Portal to uninstall the app and download it again from the Store.
2. The app might become unresponsive or restart when resuming. Save your scene before leaving Actiongram if you wish to ensure you can continue with those holograms after leaving the application.
3. The app might take an extended period of time to start on a slow network connection. If uncertain, you can verify the application is loading by observing the cursor. It will turn from a dot to a circle when your hand moves to the ready position
4. Beginning to move a hologram when your hand is near the edge of the tracking area can result in the hologram snapping to an unexpected location. Start movements in front of your body to avoid this.
5. Exiting Actiongram while recording a video can result in the inability to record videos when resuming the app. Stop recording with the "Stop Recording" voice command or a double air tap before performing a bloom or putting the device into standby with the power button.

I'm a Microsoft employee and a member of the HoloLens team, however I do not always speak on behalf of Microsoft.



  • This is excellent! I love the new layout. Getting to the right prop is a lot easier now, although it still takes longer than I think it should. I'd like to suggest two things: 1. Have the ability to "Add to favorites" so that we can have a favorites folder. 2. Add in the ability to use voice to navigate pages. For example, to say "page 8" and have it go to page 8. Thanks Actiongram team!!

  • Actiongram team - can you give us any insight on how you build these great holograms? Are you using unity, etc? Interested in the dev process
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